Client Want Lists

The Heldfond Book Gallery,Ltd. has the sophisticated facility to assist you in acquiring materials of interest to you which we may not presently have available. Simply fill in this form and send it along to us. Your information is stored in our Database and when we receive new items into stock matching your requests, an email notifying you of the details is automatically delivered to you.

You may be as specific or general as you like by selectively filling in the various fields. If for example, you wish to be notified when a particular item becomes available, indicate Title and Author along with desired attributes and any appropriate descriptive keywords. Alternately, if your interest is more expansive, i.e. you wish to know whenever we receive copies of Mark Twain, enter only the Author’s name.

The Keyword Field may be used for subject or type preferences — Civil War, Illuminated Manuscripts, Art Deco, etc. Entering your desired material as a keyword will result in your being automatically and instantly notified when a New Arrival matches your criteria.

You must complete one Add A Want form singularly for each general or specific item you wish notification about.

You do not have to Create an account to leave a want on our site, but we strongly recommend that you do Create an account so that you can come back and manage your want list at anytime.